In such a competitive field, it can be tough to find a job so why sit there and struggle when you may just need to seek some help. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially when the roles are so intense. There is very little to separate candidates when it comes down to the level of experience and what qualifications you have under your belt.

Don’t you just wish there were a quicker way to get really involved in your area of expertise and have the possibility to achieve your next role?

Well, have you considered a specialist recruitment agency?

This can save you time and can take away some of that hassle from you. With the recruiter’s daily routine to source new opportunities, why would you not put yourself in the best position and let a specialist recruiter do the work for you.

Our sole purpose is to help and look after you and guide you through the journey to find your perfect job.


It is our job to keep up to date with the latest news and development in the accounting and finance industry. This includes networking, even if we have no roles that best suit you right now, we have contacts for you to talk to. We spend time building relationships with both clients and candidates to get the best possible outcome.

Working with specific companies we have a comprehensive view of what they are looking for when hiring, which you would not know if you were searching yourself. Having built relationships with our clients, we know about the personality of the hiring manager/s, the company environment, and their plans for the future. All this information is crucial and places you in the best position. It can make such a difference in these kinds of processes.

The best advice for you


Application after application! But have you looked back on your CV? Does your CV portray you in the best way possible? We know first-hand that a first impression to your potential future employer is key and the CV you provide to a company is their first glimpse on who you are.

We want to understand who you are and what your CV is portraying and will only approach you with roles we believe are of interest to you. We will adjust your CV and provide you with pointers to help best prepare you.

Another benefit of a specialist recruitment agency is that we spend all day, every day working to provide you with the best roles in your industry.

It is our job to provide you with a head start with the knowledge/connections in your area of expertise. With that we can negotiate great value and get the best for you.

We will build a relationship with you and one of our recruiters will be able to look at your CV and know whether you have the right skills or not. You could say they are the middleman as the information they provide to help you through each step is valuable.

Our recruiters will go out of their way to contact you with an opportunity which they believe is best suited to you, all without any expectation of payment.

“Using a specialist recruitment agency allows each step of the way to be centred around you”

We take a real look into the role you are going for and have a real understanding on what your duties and responsibilities and match up those with your own experience. If there is something that looks as though you do not have familiarity with, we will be honest and let you know. We do extensive research on the industry and we will most definitely be negotiating the best possible salary for you also.


Going for an interview can be overwhelming however, if you were to place a specialist recruiter in the mix, we have the correct protocols to get you through it and prep you for it. Leaving you more than prepared to get on with the next step of the process.

Having the use of a specialist agency will allow a more detailed scope into the interview than if you would have done it yourself.

Once you have secured the job, it will not just stop there. We will follow up with where you are at, we are not just here to find you a job and be done with it. We want to know you have settled in and how you are getting on. We pride ourselves in building relationships.


Now more than ever it is important to use an experienced and specialist agency. Our knowledge in preparing, helping you through process, negotiation of salary, knowledge of the company and person is key. It’s in our best interests to make sure we find the role that is right for you. We know looking for jobs can be daunting and doing this all by yourself is tough. It becomes a lot more enjoyable sharing your experience and thoughts with someone else and taking some of that worry from you makes it less lonely and more enjoyable.

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