Conducting an interview can be just as much daunting as being interviewed. It is the hiring managers jobs to ensure the perfect candidate is chosen. Video Interviews are more common than ever in the hiring process.

So, here are some simple tips to ensure your approach and process is consistent and successful.


Technological advancements have initiated an easier arrangement for interviews to go ahead. Essentially allowing you to interview anywhere as long as you have an ideal surrounding, some good software, and an internet connection you are good to go.

Which leads us on to your chosen software. As you are representing your company, your video software needs to be ideal to carry out these interviews.  Whether you are using Google Hangout, Zoom or any other video software, make sure it is downloaded and ready for use.


Have you had a run-through and tested it out? Try and attempt a practice run and record yourself to see how you present yourself and if you can be heard. After all, you want to make a good first impression. Knowing everything is working order removes any delay, the last thing you want is to leave your candidate waiting due to any fault that could have been avoided.


Do you know before the interview what you want out of them? Preparing a set of questions to ask the interviewee will allow a real focus on their area of expertise and how they can benefit the company. For guidance have a list of required attributes you believe is necessary for the candidates to have.

Start by introducing yourself, tell them a little about your job role. Try to relax your candidate and make them feel at ease. Explain to them how the interview will go ahead and what kind of questions you plan to ask. This sets the mood for the whole interview

You need to set a standard for them to be impressed whilst gaining as much insight as you can to whether they are the correct candidate.

Once you are confident with how it is going, comment on the job itself and sell the company and the role to them.


With the current state of affairs being in the office may or may not be an option at the moment. Regardless of your location make sure you have removed all distraction from your surroundings. You want to keep the interviewee’s attention so making sure everything is clear when starting.


You may already have an internal dress code however if you find yourself being at home do not forget to dress appropriately whilst on screen. Being presentable is key in making a good first impression after all you are representing your company.


The interviewee will be nervous so crack a smile after all you are on camera. I know it may be hard through a screen however, they are not robots and you want to create a personal connection with them.

During the interview

It is important to not be distracted, having any alerts turned off on your laptop as well as turning your phone off or direct any incoming calls you may receive. Take it seriously.

Be professional, behave as you would a face to face interview. Actively listen and try not to rush the interview, plan an acceptable amount of time for the interview to go ahead.

Consider if their approach and character match well with the company’s culture. How well did they answer? Are there responses matching up with their CV and Linked profiles? Most importantly will they adjust well into a new environment? These are some questions to think about to make a better judgement.

Be yourself

Be yourself when giving the interview, take your time and really try to engage with who they are. Make sure you come across confident and bring some of your personality in the process. If you are known to make a funny comment do so, you will defiantly put them at ease.


When you have asked everything and you are happy to end it, make sure you have got everything you require for them. A process for feedback is necessary, decide on a time period on when the feedback will be ready and when you will contact them.

It is hard to communicate the same, but it does not mean you will not find the right candidate. Setting out a clear structure of how the interview should pan out, will allow a clear focus on what you want out of a candidate.

It is a two-way street; you are interviewing with the intent of hiring where they are interviewing you with the intent of making an employment decision. Make it a positive experience. Technology is making the process better, not worse follow these tips and you should succeed.


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