With Covid-19 epidemic changing our working lives dramatically, companies are facing their own challenges. Working from home is the biggest one of all and changing the dynamic of our once Monday to Friday office life.

With businesses having to get on and adjust best they can, who said you need to freeze any new starters getting onboard.

What can you do to ensure your new starters have the best possible welcome and adjust starting a new job whilst working from home?

With company culture being a big focus, it is important to showcase what your company is about. Provide them with the support and help they need to settle in the best way they can. With working from home creating a huge obstacle with a clear plan and procedure you should have no worries.

Prior to their first day


Are they equipped with the necessary equipment to be able to do their job? Whether you have sent it through a courier or have met up with them in the office however the procedure, they should have all they need before starting their job.

Company email, HR, payroll should bet set up ahead of their first day.

Welcome pack

Ensure you have sent out a personalised package to make them feel welcomed and supported through this unusual time. It is a small gesture but, will make the employee feel so much better. This pack should include documents for their role, a plan of their onboarding process, a list of contact details internally and any formal documents that are needed for HR.

What next?

‘Their first day at work’

DON’T forget to make them feel welcome. This can be a challenge when you are trying to make them feel part of a team whilst not being in the same room or office environment.

Familiarise them with the level of expectation you want to receive will allow a further understating to how they should work. Their first days and weeks need to be set out clearly. Provide a clear picture of what their duties are, their individual goals and what schedule they should abide by.

Set out a time to make sure they ‘meet’ the team, whether that be some kind of lunch club and you all just on a video call or individually

Put them at ease and have regular catchups (more than usual) and let them know they can get in touch with you whenever they need anything. Why not set up a system with the rest of the team to support them and interact. Gives them all chance to get to know their new team member.

Boost morale for all your employees and do some kind of event through a video call to chat (maybe not about work). How about allowing an hour on a Friday afternoon to chat and get to know your new employee? Gives everyone a chance to catch up with the whole team and allows the new team member to get a real sense of company culture.


Make sure you are sticking to the plan during their onboarding process, after all, they are at work and you need them settling in as soon as possible.

Communication is key, if you were running late in the office you would have shouted across the office or gone to their desk to let your colleagues know. Working from home it is a bit different, communicating the best way you can is essential. If for any reason you are running late, or something has come up ensure you interact and send them a message. Do not keep them waiting!

Make sure everything that has been planned is clear and realistic to achieve. Do not allow them to struggle in their first few days. It is about finding the balance do not overload them but do not give them too little.


This process can be difficult for anyone so allowing feedback will eliminate any concerns they may have. How will they sum up whether they are doing well if no one tells them? They are not in the office, so let them know. Vice versa give them a chance to voice their verdict have they enjoyed themselves? Could you have done anything differently?

Over to you

Onboarding your new starter virtually is not ideal, however, to keep the business up and running and working efficiently during this time its important to do so.  Utilising video software to allow you to onboard staff will bring its own set of challenges but can also provide opportunity. Following the same procedures, you would in the office with a slight twist what could go wrong?

Concentrate on making your new employee feel welcome. Good communication and a strong team to support them you will have them settled in, in no time.

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